Sketch or Figma: which is better for web design?
Date: 03.11.20

figma or sketch

If you have ever encountered with web design, you know, that all the professional designers talk about is Sketch vs Figma. If you’re a professional who’s using Sketch or a designer who’s starting his or her career and is reaching out for a straight-up answer, it doesn’t matter. There is no question that Figma is better, not even a doubt.

The sky is the limit

The most important difference between Sketch and Figma is, that Figma is a fully browser-based tool, thus compatible with all the operating systems – Mac OS, Windows PC, Linux, hell, even a Chromebook can use it. That’s right. It only needs to run a web browser, and you’re set. 

What this kind of tool gives us, is a chance to embrace what matters the most in UX design – the power of collaboration. Every single designer and developer can access files on the web. You can edit your projects live with everyone working on it. Track every move your desk buddy of a designer is working on every instant.  Boom – collaboration issue fixed – no more questions like “Where’s that final file?”.

“Comparing Sketch and Figma is like comparing Notepad and Google Docs.”
Creative Director, Unfold

Like your favourite childhood ice cream

Sure, it is all about which platform has one been using and is familiar. It’s like your favourite childhood ice cream. You eat it, you enjoy it, you love it, and every other flavour will never taste as good. I know that feeling, but isn’t it that every change has to be given a chance? 

If your computer runs on Mac OS then yes, you probably have been using Sketch for an eternity. If you’ve been using Windows PC as a designer, then you probably know that Sketch is meant to be used only on Mac OS. Well, Figma is around since 2015 and, 90% of web designers love it. Why are you still using Sketch?

As the speed of light

Well, it’s not quite that simple. Figma has had some problems with speed and smoothness. Those issues got tackled in 2018 when Figma’s team figured out that restructuring their document renderer and ironing out WebAssembly bugs could make Figma significantly faster. “We worked on these optimizations for months. The reward was massive improvements in zooming, dragging and file loading speed (up to 3x faster!) in dense files” said Figma in their blog post:

If you want to know exactly how they did it, then read the article. It’s quite an interesting read. 

“Figma is fast. Files are always up to date. It’s easy to share designs across the organization, so collaboration is easy.”
Bryan Haggerty, Sr. Design Manager at Twitter

Collaboration is the key

In this modern era of technology, our life consists of web-based tools. Increasing collaboration with teammates and having all the documents, files and information in one space/cloud – it just makes our work more productive. And this results in precise and well thought out results. 

At this point, I should apologize for only rooting for Figma, but I will not. It just is the best tool for designing web. And for those who say that you like to work alone, I say, you shouldn’t. Web design and UX is all about collaboration. 

We can see the difference, we have used both of them – and yes, the answer is Figma.