How to hire freelance web developers?
Date: 25.11.20

Why to even hire a web developer when I can build my website for free by myself? Sure, all of us can make a website using a free website builder. Easy as that, right? But before you take that road, let’s analyse your new project.

When starting to renew or build your website, think about what are you good at and what matters the most. You are good at running your business and what matters the most is time. So, two good reasons why not to build your website by yourself – because it takes a lot of time, time which you could spend on making money with your business. 

The need

First and foremost, make sure you know what your website purpose and therefore, the functions should be. 

Identify the type of project. Ask yourself, is your website meant to brand your business, perhaps collect e-mails or is it meant to be an e-commerce platform for your products. Meaning, think about marketing, selling and branding aspects.

Who to reach out to?

As you have written down the purpose of the website, you should finally know who is who in the business. 

It works like this. There are three types of professions needed to build a professional-looking and well-performing website: a graphical designer, a front-end developer and a back-end developer. 

  • Let’s start with the designer. The main job of a designer is to create the visual part of your website – just a mockup. 
  • Front-end developers’ job is to implement that design and make it a real page with hovering buttons and slider-banners. 
  • The back-end developer, it’s the person who makes sure your site has the necessary functions, that it communicates properly with the server etc. 

Moreover, you can find specialists who are excellent both in designing and front-end developing – they are called website designers.  

When building a website from scratch, the odds of needing a two-three person team are high. But do not hesitate because there is another breed of specialists out there called full-stack developer

The generalists

Full-stackers are persons who can do the process all alone. They design, play with images, colours and elements; they code the front end and make the buttons shine, and they make sure the websites’ kernel and hard-core code are in order. They may cost a bit more, but you can be sure that coordination and communication processes are easier to handle.

Communication is the key

Now you may slightly realise what kind of manpower is needed. 

Moving on to contacting the chosen ones. There should be no room for assumptions! Ask yourself how much money and time you can invest in the process. Be as precise in your needs as you can and listen carefully what the developer is saying and suggesting. After all, they are the specialist in the field. 

Be sure to mark down the exact deadline and timeline for check-ins and testing period. Most importantly, do not scope creep. Meaning, do not make out of scope (timeline and deliverable sense) erratic decisions – it would devastate your budget, and the developer may not perform as well as expected.

Take your time and be consistent

Now you know who is who and what to do before contacting a freelance web developer. Whatever your project is, take your time, manage expectations, and all will be well.